Old School RuneScape: 5 Tips For Making Gold

  • Old School RuneScape, a game which was released in 2013 but according to a version of the game from 2007, actually has a bigger player base than its modern counterpart. Making gold is equally important in this sport as you require it to buy certain particular in-game things and Old School Bonds, which can be utilised to buy membership rather than maintaining your account free-to-play. In fact, there are hundreds of methods to farm RS gold at Old School RuneScape, and each technique is through Processing, or crafting, Collecting, and Combat. Remember that prices in the game are generally determined by the Grand Exchange, which won't be available if you are playing in Ironman style. Some methods of earning gold are only available to members, whilst everyone can use the others, but all are exclusively located in the Old School RuneScape.

    Cutting Yew Logs

    Cutting any kind of tree will yield either a resource, so why do gold farming guides for OSRC always focus on yew logs? This sort of timber is in high need for Fletching and Firemaking, so you can depend on a consistent price for them on the auction house. To get the maximum return in as little time as possible, players should be equipped with a Rune or even Dragon ax and possess a Woodcutting skill of 75 or greater, although a skill level of 60 is required to cut down yew trees.

    All these are repeatable activities which truly need you to farm some thing in a literal sense. Depending on what ability you would like to grind up, or what products would be the most lucrative at the moment, this can not just help grind up that specific skill but can be changed or rotated to add Hunting, Herblore, or even Farming. Integrating birds in this mixture can be rewarding, but it requires some patience to set up. Players must be Hunters of at least level 5 and possess the skill to build and lure birdhouses, which also requires a high level level of 5.

    Killing Blue Dragons

    If you have obtained that Slaying skill up, and every commendable adventurer needs to, then skip the quiet country life and go dragon hunting. For this particular gold-making method to be lucrative, battle abilities ought to be at 70 for ranged damage, 80 for melee fighters, 37 for magic users, and a 70 Agility level for everyone. The dragons fall hide and bones at a high speed, all the while affording other loot together with lots of experience points. Dragon bones are a common way grind the Prayer skill, and the Blue Dragonhide Armor pieces give incentives to ranged weapons and charm struck.

    Grinding Unicorn Horns

    There are plenty of different horns you'll be able to grind, a few of which will give experience after a specific level that the unicorn horns do not. However, this is a situation where you can earn some money by promoting your merchandise on the grand exchange. Another advantage of this action is that it requires no skill or specific equipment, just a regular mortar and pestle.

    Catching Sharks

    Who said that grinding your fishing skill had to be boring? You do not need to put a net in a fish or river in a quiet pond. Proceed and get a few real monsters and make a few good Old School RuneScape Gold while performing it, provided you own a Membership. Sharks have different uses in the game, as an ingredient for portents that animate health together with a high-level meals, both of which are indispensable to players researching dangerous parts of the game. You need a harpoon and a fishing ability of 76 to fish to them, a Cooking skill level of 80 to cook them, and they'll yield XP for both.