NBA 2K21 introduces WNBA MyCareer and online mode

  • NBA 2K21 will launch its next-generation version when PS5 and Xbox Series X are released in November. This new version of the basketball simulation card brings technical upgrades and new features. The newly released trailer focuses on 2K21's women's basketball. The game will add WNBA MyCareer and a new online mode. NBA 2K21 MT should also be available in WNBA.

    A few years ago, WNBA was first added to 2K in NBA 2K19. However, it is limited to exhibition competitions, and this is just a degree. 2K21 takes a further step by allowing players to create their own WNBA superstars, allowing them to experience a complete MyCareer experience including all 12 WNBA teams. It is not clear how the story in WNBA MyCareer is similar to the NBA story. The new trailer on the YouTube 2K channel showcases some next-generation WNBA gameplay.

    Players can also compete with others online for their WNBA superstars. Similar to what we saw in the MyPark game mode, W will see players participating in 3v3 games in a brand new arena unique to this mode. It is not clear whether more content is planned for the WNBA, or how character customization and upgrades will proceed.

    Recently, we saw the basketball gameplay in the next-generation version of NBA 2K21 for the first time. Hope that these upgrades can be improved on the basis of the current gen version, but it is not ideal in our Shacknews review. The next generation of game consoles will be launched in a few weeks and will provide the new features of NBA 2K21 MT For Sale.