Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Outdoor Rattan Set

  • Rattan is a renewable and organic palm growing in tropical regions. This material is an excellent choice for making Outdoor Rattan Set thanks to its aesthetically-pleasing design and durable construct.

    Make A List

    Begin with a thought about how you would spend your time in the courtyard, how would you like your outdoor space to function. Would you like it to serve as a dining area on warm summer nights or want to keep it peaceful for reading books? Make a list of many things that you would perform in your courtyard and use the list as a guide to determine what type of furniture will exactly suit the place. If the prior function of your patio is to host a casual evening cocktail, then there is no requirement for a dining table. Bring ample comfortable chairs and use colorful cushions, several side tables, and a fire pit.

    Consider Your Weather

    Weather is the most crucial factor for choosing the kind of outdoor furniture. Is your weather hot and dry, or does it rain often? Do you live near the coast? All these are the essential questions you should think before opting outdoor furniture.


    Just like in your home, you’ll want to measure your outside “rooms” to determine how much furniture you’ll need and placement. How is your outdoor area shaped? Do you have a large deck, or a narrow covered patio, a grassy area only? The shape should help you determine your needs when buying outdoor furniture. Be sure to take into account walking space around your furniture. Side note, our patio is quite narrow from the house to the pool…measuring 9′. With an average rectangular table and chairs and people seated, that measures about 6′. Doing the math it leaves only a foot and a half walking space and YES, a couple of times that resulted in a fall into the pool! No one was hurt, but we quickly learned that the table needed to be tucked into a corner area of the covered patio that has a bit more room.

    Furniture Selection

    Once you have scaled how much space you have for your outdoor furniture, you need to categorize the type of furniture you want for your courtyard. Think about the activities that would take place more in your patio likes are you going to make it a dining place for the evening, a place for a family get together or a peaceful area to sit back and talk. This will obviously be determined by how much space you have, consider which material will complement the look of your home. While shopping for furniture, also look for easy-care materials and pieces.

    Pay Attention To Comfort

    Comfort is an essential factor that needs to consider a priority. Prefer material that relaxes you. If your chairs do not come with cushions, buy or make your own cushions and pillows. Make sure to buy good quality furniture and excellent outdoor fabric that is fade and mold resistant. Your pillows will stay looking their best if you store them when you no longer use them outdoors in colder months. Lounges, rockers, and recliners are also the best material that provides relax so you can keep them an option too.

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